Our team

Dee Giarratano
Founder, Chairman, and CEO
Dee is the founder who had the original vision of creating the world’s easiest and most affordable takeoff system. With experience in many other similar projects, Dee brings knowledge and know-how from the construction industry and tech projects into the team in a way that guides the vision of how the tools need to work in real-world scenarios. During his career, he has been involved in two technology startups that involve construction. He is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Accounting. In his spare time, Dee enjoys spending time with his family and his four (yes, you read that right…four) dogs.
Dave Casey
Director, Secretary of the Corporation
Dave is our corporate secretary and is a practicing attorney in Marietta GA. He was involved along with Dee in two previous construction technology startups and brings a keen knowledge of keeping the corporation compliant with all laws. Dave is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton law school . In his spare time, he is an avid duck hunter, often traveling around the U.S. to hone his skill.
Tatum Skipper
Account Manager
Tatum is our Account Manager, overseeing our entire PRO job leads program. She brings a wealth of talent in many areas of technology, but her people skills are her biggest asset. She strives every day to make sure out clients are happy and getting what they need out of Takeoff Lite. In her spare time, Tatum is a voracious traveler. She owns and maintains a travel blog, bonvoyage-babes.com.
Chris Hammonds
Chris works alongside Dee in designing the functionality of our product. He has over 30 years’ experience in a broad variety of construction segments, from large general contractors, to specialty contractors. Chris a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Building Science
MerryLeigh Giarratano
Digital Artist
MerryLeigh is a graphic artist and is responsible for the look and feel of our website. She has many years of experience in creating world-class graphics for many companies both large and small. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her Grandson, Shepard, and keeping her little brother (Dee our Founder) in line. Merry Leigh is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Fine Arts.
Eric Purnhagen
Eric brings over 40 years of business consulting with Booze Allen. He helps with long-term planning and product direction. Eric is a graduate of for undergrad, and got his MBA from Southern Methodist University.
Mike Brunner
Mike is responsible for helping keep us on track to accomplish our long-term goals. He also works closely with Dee in all matters concerning funding through investors. Mike has over 40 years of experience in acquiring and selling businesses of all types including construction companies. He is currently the owner of a remodeling company. When he is not knee-deep in planning our business strategy or helping plan our future development, he enjoys spending time at the sporting clay course that he owns in Dawsonville, GA etowahvalleysportingclays.com
Melanie Ragone
Documentation and Videos
Melanie creates help videos. With her long career in film, she brings an unmatched depth of knowlege in that arena.
Hony Ren
Lead Developer
Hony is our Lead Developer, overseeing 4 other offshore developers. He brings a vast wealth of knowledge of programming. He is an expert in Javascript, PHP, HTML, and CSS.